My Summer Car – Keys for blue van and gifu from uncle

My Summer Car – Keys for blue van and gifu from uncle

January 12, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

In this guide, you will learn how to get the keys to a blue van called Hayosiko and a truck called Gifu – you will get the keys from your uncle Kesseli

To get the keys, you just have to be patient
1) Go to the kitchen and read the card on the fridge (it probably triggers time for the appearance of your uncle)
2) Now just play – repair the car, take your grandma’s needed products from the store, drive aimlessly on the map – no matter what you do, you just need to wait.
3) From time to time check if the blue van is standing next to your uncle’s house (you can see the blue van from the kitchen window, you don’t need to come closer to his house). Uncle appears between 12-20 (2pm and 8pm).

4) Now approach his house and knock on the door – after a while, he will open the door and start telling you something.
5) After a while, your uncle will give you the keys, just take them. If you don’t take keys and your uncle closes the door, knock again and wait for him to finish talking, then he’ll give you the keys again.

6) Enjoy the keys to the blue van, now you can ride it.
Some information:

  • Do not refuel the red fuel dispenser (MPO) – then your uncle will sell a blue van and GIFU to pay the fine
  • Don’t return the keys to your uncle
  • If the blue van disappears from the last place you left it, just go to your uncle’s house and take it back (you’ll always have the keys unless you give them back to him)

7) You also need to wait some time to receive GIFU keys. This time you must come closer to your uncle’s house to see if he is sitting in front of his house.

8) Sit in the second chair in front of your uncle and listen to the story (you don’t have to take a beer). If the uncle says “You can pick up the truck keys from inside my hallway“, just go to his house to get the keys.
9) Now go to the city to take the truck (it’s best to drive a moped, you can put it in GIFU and return home with it). The truck is located at the wastewater treatment plant.

10) Enjoy the vehicles.

Video tutorial