My Summer Car – Computer – how to order and use it

My Summer Car – Computer – how to order and use it

January 12, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

In this guide, you’ll learn what you need to do to order a computer, how to connect it, and how to log into the network to download games.

Ordering and connecting a computer

To get the computer you need to wait for about an hour (real-time), then go to your mailbox and check if you have an advertisement.

If you see a leaflet, press the bottom of the page to sign the order, and then go to the city to send a letter (put in the mailbox at the Teimo store). Your order will be ready for pickup after two hours (real-time). The computer costs 6,495 MK including delivery.

After picking up your computer from the Teimo store, go home to assemble your computer. Enter the room where you are sleeping, unpack the computer from the box and place it on the desk in front of the window (first case, monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers).

To connect to the internet, you must connect the modem to the socket (the socket is next to the telephone, you must disconnect the telephone to connect the modem).

To use the computer, approach the chair and press “E”, then press the power button and wait for the system to boot. To stop using the computer, turn towards the door and press “E”.

There are two installed programs on the computer – Pieno and TeleBBS. To use them, enter the program name and press ENTER (RETURN).

Downloading and running games

To download the game you have to enter “telebbs” on your computer, then enter “atdt NUMBER” (you will find the NUMBER in the empty hall next to the inspection shop) – each player has a different number, so you must find a note! The note is behind the wall. If you have a connection to BBS services, press ENTER and enter login (confirm with enter), then enter “/f” and press ENTER – you will see a red window with a list of games to download. To download the game, you must enter /load FILENAME c: (Example: /load grilli.exe c:). If you entered the command correctly, in the upper right corner you will see information about the number of downloaded KB (XX.XX / XXX KB). You cannot download more than one file at a time. During the download, you can leave from play mode, but do not turn it off. To start the downloaded game you need to go to the main command line or restart the computer (the button next to the power button), then enter the name of the game file (example: grilli) and confirm with enter. There are also floppy disks in the game that you can put into the floppy disk drive and start the games from them. Floppy disks you can find:
  • Massacre & Rapula – in Jokke’s new apartament
  • Joulupukin Joulustressi – Inside the holiday present
  • Pro Pilkki – In mailbox after buying the computer
To start the game from a diskette, place it in the diskette drive, enter “A:” in the command line, then the name of the game and confirm with enter. Floppy disks are not signed, you can check the name of the game by entering the “dir” command. The same command also works on drive C.


  • dir – displays a list of installed programs/games
  • mode baud – internet speed (2400 by default, can be changed to 4800)
  • telebbs – entry to BBS services
  • ATDT – logging in to BBS services
  • /load – download a file from BBS services
  • ALT + Q – exit the game/program

Video tutorial