My Summer Car – Dating with girlfriend – Suski

My Summer Car – Dating with girlfriend – Suski

January 12, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

In this guide, you will learn how to start dating a girl in the game called Suski. Dating with Suski is one of the story stages in this game

1) Start by removing the rear seat and passenger seat (bolt size: 9), it will be easier for you at a later stage.
2) Now you have to look for Jani (yellow car), the best day for this is Saturday – he appears more often in the city (Perajarvi), if he isn’t in the city he will appear at the Dance pavilion after 8 pm (20:00).

3) You must cause an accident for the driver of the yellow car to die. It’s best to leave GIFU somewhere in the city when you’re in town, replace Satsuma with a truck and hit a yellow car (remember to fasten your seat belt and put on your helmet!). If he doesn’t die, you can follow him on the highway or block the road, e.g. on the bridge to hit a truck. This is the most difficult stage.
4) If the driver of the yellow car is dead, Suski will talk – pull her out of the car and put her in Satsuma (that’s why you removed the rear seat and passenger seat – now it will be easier to put it in the car).
5) Take her to your home and put it on the sofa in front of the TV or on a white bed in the parents’ room.
6) Go to sleep.
7) Approach the sofa/bed – you’ll find there a note from Suski.
8) Now you can start dating with her, but your car must have:
leopard print covers – steering wheel, seats, dashboard (417 MK)
CD player (1 395 MK)
tinted windows (299 MK)
subwoofer and amplifier (1 995 MK)
For all: 4106 MK
The safety cage can remain in the car, you don’t need to disassemble it.
9) You can start dating her if you have prepared the car but you must bring with you:
3 x beer case
2 x booze
1 x beer case
10) Drive to the city to take a girl on a date – Suski will be waiting for you in front of the house (house closest to the Teimo shop – Polsa in the driveway).
If you hit Suski, she won’t appear again.

11) Put one beer case in front of the passenger seat. If Suski takes a beer, it means the date has started.
12) Drive around the map, on the highway and don’t exceed speed (100 km/h), it’s best to keep your speed at 80-100 km/h.
13) After some time, Suski will tell you where to go ((1) ski hill – near the ski jumps upstairs, (2) dance pavilion)

14) After reaching the place indicated by Suski, start drinking alcohol until you see a black screen (first drink booze if you have).
15) If everything goes well, after about two hours (real-time, not in-game) Suski will call you.
16) You can go back for your car (it will be where you drank alcohol).
17) After answering the phone, Suski will tell you that she is pregnant and it’s your child, then you will see the credits and a cutscene.
18) After the cut-scene, you can decide whether you want to keep playing or end the game and delete the save game