My Summer Car – Kebabtech Air Conditioning for Satsuma

My Summer Car – Kebabtech Air Conditioning for Satsuma

July 8, 2022 5 By Games-Manuals

Kebabtech Air Conditioning is a mod for My Summer Car that adds air conditioning to Satsuma – the location of the parts is not difficult to find – the parts of the air conditioning are in a popular place.

Kebabtech Air Conditioning

The Kebabtech Air Conditioning modification adds air conditioning to the game My Summer Car (as the name of the modification suggests) to Satsuma – in a popular place in the city you can find two air conditioning parts – one part that is mounted to the engine compartment, and the other part of the modification is mounted in the inside the vehicle, under the radio in the middle of the cockpit.


The parts do not need to be bought, they just lie at the back of the Teimo store, just take them from there and screw them to the car – the bolt size is 15mm, there are 6 bolts in total.