My Summer Car – Drivable Ricochet – new vehicle in the game

My Summer Car – Drivable Ricochet – new vehicle in the game

July 10, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

Drivable Ricochet is a mod for My Summer Car that adds a new driving vehicle that is used by the AI in the game and is not a replacement for any other existing vehicle.

Drivable Ricochet

The Drivable Ricochet modification allows us to drive a vehicle such as Ricochet ST, which is used by AI, you can meet him in the city near Teimo’s shop with his friend in a yellow vehicle. The mod does not replace any existing vehicle, it adds a completely new driveable vehicle to the game – but you have to buy it first.


Information about the sale of the Ricochet ST vehicle can be found on the notice board in the city (opposite the Teimo store) – from it, we can learn that if we have 20,000 MK, we can go to the white house near the city and buy a car from another resident there.

If you decide to buy a car, drive to the white house, knock on the door and wait for the resident to leave (the same as in the case of our uncle) – the owner of Richocet will have a key in his hand, if you click on the key, you will buy the vehicle.


The price can be lowered, if you want to negotiate a lower price, just press the button responsible for speaking the character (“K” by default) – if you bargain too much, the owner of the vehicle will give up selling it on that day and will not open any more doors.

A ready save game with Ricochet ST, all parts including Louvers (rear window grille), new rims, spoilers and an adjusted carburetor can be downloaded from here (click on the colored text)