My Summer Car – Build 172

My Summer Car – Build 172

May 26, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

My Summer Car Build 172 is a pre-release version of the game (2016), it was a version for testers before the official premiere.

Build 172

Build 172 is the name of the My Summer Car build, which was a build 172, which is probably a test of the game 172 before the premiere. The game already contained a house, a Teimo store in the present-day city, a highway and dirt roads. The Satsuma was ready to be built, Hayosiko (the blue van) was standing in front of the house, and the tractor looked like it was going to have something on the back instead of the front arm – possibly the tractor was meant to be used in the field, not for firewood.

The Fleetari (car mechanic) did not exist, and the intersection at his present garage did exist, but one road led nowhere. Teimo himself had no textures yet (the character model was just standing), and the shelves were empty – only sausages and beers were available, which were still in the refrigerator at the time.

Similarly, our house was unfurnished, the light switches and the telephone are just a model with no texture. On the screenshots below you can see how the game looked in early 2016, even before the premiere.