My Summer Car – Strawberry Delivery – New job

My Summer Car – Strawberry Delivery – New job

July 4, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Strawberry Delivery is a mod for My Summer Car, which adds a new job for the player in which you can earn extra money – the job is very simple.

Strawberry Delivery

Modders from time to time release modifications that are useful in the game, especially for people who already have several dozen or several hundred hours in the game and do not have much idea for the game.


This time one of the modders published a modification called Strawberry Delivery – it is a modification that adds a new work to the game My Summer Car, in which, as the name suggests – we deliver strawberries.


The job of a strawberry supplier is not difficult, and the job itself is only available on Sundays. If it’s Sunday in the game, go to the strawberry field, collect the work with the note on the table, pack 27 boxes of strawberries in the (preferably) van and go to the city, under the church you will meet a man to whom you deliver strawberries – you need to put the boxes on his trailer, then you will be able to collect your paycheck from the cassette on the table.