My Summer Car – Own music in radio and car

My Summer Car – Own music in radio and car

January 15, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Have you been wondering how to add your own music to My Summer Car, what is the best converter for .ogg and how to correctly import music to be able to listen to it on the radio and in the car?

Adding music

To add your own music to the game, convert the files to the .ogg format, and then put the music files in the folders CD1, CD2, CD3 (My Summer Car/CD [1,2,3]) or Radio (depending on whether you want to listen to music in a portable radio or in the car). File names must contain the name track[number].ogg (track1.ogg, track2.ogg, etc.). A maximum of 15 music files can be added to one CD folder. After correctly placing the files in the folders, enter the game and press IMPORT MUSIC FILES in the main menu – now load the game save and enter the room where you are sleeping, the finished disc will be on the desk. You don’t need a CD for the radio, just turn it on.

You can add up to 200 songs to the Radio folder

To convert music (e.g. from mp3 to ogg) you can use an online converter

Own graphics on the board cover

To add your own artwork for the cover of the disc, go to the CD folder, find the coverart.png file, and then edit it with any graphics program. Remember to save the finished graphics in the same name and PNG extension.