My Summer Car – Increasing FPS

My Summer Car – Increasing FPS

January 15, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

Do you have a weak computer, low FPS in My Summer Car and constant lag, clipping and stuttering? Your FPS counter stopped at 20? See what you can do to increase your FPS in My Summer Car.

Why am I low on FPS?

What causes a small amount of FPS? The first factor is the CPU, it is the most important factor that depends on how much FPS you get in the game. The main reasons for the low FPS:

  • Weak processor
  • Background programs
  • A large number of items in the game (food, drink, car parts, empty bottles, objects)
  • Mods

How can I increase FPS?

So what can you do to increase FPS?

  • Start by updating the CPU (processor), GPU (graphics card) drivers and operating system update
  • Disable unnecessary programs (e.g. antivirus, a web browser)
  • Use Garbage Barrel on a regular basis to remove empty bottles or containers (after setting the barrel on fire, items inside will disappear)
  • Don’t buy a large amount of food, drink and other unnecessary items – a large number of items significantly affect your FPS
  • More parts in Satsuma are also a greater demand for an additional buffer, if you have low FPS, it may be worth not adding more parts to your car
  • A large number of modifications, try to limit its number to the most necessary
  • You can install modifications that increase FPS by turning off objects/cars/items (e.g. DisableALL – manual switching off or MOP – Modern Optimization Plugin – automatic switching off based on distance. FSMO is a plugin that improves game optimization. You can have FSMO and DisableAll or MOP – Modern Optimization Plugin). These modifications may be the only way to get extra FPS