Mon Bazou – making own food and syrup for a drink

Mon Bazou – making own food and syrup for a drink

March 7, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

In the game, you can make homemade Poutine, as well as make your own syrup, which you can keep at home, take with you on a trip or just leave some in strategic places.

Homemade Poutine

To prepare homemade Poutine, you need a frying basket – you will get it from your mother if you reach friendship level 50 (check available friendship thresholds).

Potatoes and curd cheese are needed to prepare your own food. You will find all the ingredients in a small wooden shed right next to the city entrance (check the interactive map) – in the wooden shed you can buy curd cheese and take a potato seed for free, which you have to plant in the “garden”, and then wait for it to grow (similar to planting greens plants, after harvesting you will get more potato seeds).

To harvest the finished potatoes, you need a basket that you need to place next to the food-making machine in the kitchen and then press on the French fries slicers to cut the potatoes and toss them into the machine (a full potato basket is 50% French fries).

One plate of homemade Poutine equals 10 units of curd cheese and 20% potatoes.

Making canned syrup

To make your own canned syrup, you will need a Sugar Shack and the Canned Syrup Upgrade (cost: $2,599.99), but you need empty cans ($4 each), can lids ($5.99 for 12) to make your own canned syrup and you also need a can crate ($29.99 each) for better transport of cans (separate for empty cans, separate for full cans – cannot be combined).

If you already have everything you need go to the Sugar Shack to make your own syrup, just place the lids in the pouring machine and then put an empty can in it – after a while, your syrup will be ready and you can use it when you need it to drink.