Mon Bazou – How and where to buy a bunker

Mon Bazou – How and where to buy a bunker

June 24, 2022 2 By Games-Manuals

How and where to buy a bunker in Mon Bazou? How to gain the trust of dealers on the farm? Bunker – how much does it cost? You will learn all of this in this article.

Bunker - where to buy, how much, and where is it located

To buy a bunker you have to go to the new island north of the city (big bridge), take the asphalt road and don’t turn anywhere, after some time you will see a dirt road which you have to go to the end until you see a large building. To gain trust from the dealers, you must first sell 12 large packs in front of the building.

To purchase a bunker, you need to earn the trust of the dealers so that the door is unlocked and you can go inside to purchase the bunker and bunker upgrades. There is a small door on the left side of the building, open it and go inside, go all the way then to the right where you will find the next door – once you open it, you can see a mock-up of the bunker you can buy. The bunker itself costs $ 40,000 and the construction time is 7 nights.

After you buy a bunker and wait 7 nights (you will be informed that the bunker is ready), you can use it. The bunker is under the bathroom, under the bathtub – you have to press the drain in the bathtub so that it rises and you can go downstairs to the bunker.