Mon Bazou – Growing cannabis + seeds location

Mon Bazou – Growing cannabis + seeds location

February 10, 2022 0 By Kubusitto

Cannabis is a cultivated plant thanks to which we can enjoy an easy way to gain income in-game.

Seeds - where to get them?

  • You will find the first pack of seeds on top of one of the three wind turbines.
  • In the game you will have a 50% chance that the seed packet will recover within a week, you should regularly check your wind turbines.

Growing cannabis

To grow cannabis, you need a shovel, dig a hole and plant cannabis in it, remember you need to water it regularly until the plant shows 100% status.
You can collect the finished plant using a special basket.

Making a package of joints

  • The player has the option to create a package of joints
  • Once you have collected the finished plant, go to the table near the couch and place it on it.
  • Producing a single bundle will take 10% of the plant.
  • If you have 10 separate packages, you can combine them into one large one, for this purpose use the tape on the table.

Selling cannabis

  • To sell Cannabis you need a minimum friendship level of 5 with the person to whom you want to sell a pack of joints.
    • You will receive $65 for a standard package
    • You will receive $500 for a large package
  • You may NOT sell cannabis to Gilles, Eric, Melanie, Mr.Bonjour.