The Long Drive – Update v2022.03.06c [06/03/2022]

The Long Drive – Update v2022.03.06c [06/03/2022]

March 7, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

On March 6, 2022, The Long Drive has a long-awaited update that adds some changes and also adds a brand new car to the game – the Plymouth Fury.


  • Fuel consumption+50%
  • Oil consumption+50% (It seemed fuel consumption was less than it should have been to be realistic and for gameplay purposes too)
  • Re-Added sledge (it is not as fast as it was last time)
  • Added soccer ball
  • Added new magazines
  • Added new car
  • Added burnout smoke
  • Added mouse driving (Default On/Off key: U)
  • Added small AM radio channels
    (will have more content later)
  • Changed Custom Radio From FM 99.2 to AM 1080
  • Cars are bouncing a bit when starting the engine
  • Mirror’s rotation is no longer inverted when adjusting it upside down
  • Exhaust smoke’s color is different based on the fuel
  • A few more items are affecting the grass
  • New Menu
  • Ingame controls setting
  • Ingame resolution setting
  • Added steering sensitivity slider
  • Removed unity resolution dialog
  • Shifting to neutral with H-Shifter is finally working now (you have to enable H-Shifter in the Steering Wheel tab in the settings and set up the gears in the Controls,
    except neutral, because that is not a button (at least on Logitech g29), but with H-Shifter checked you should be able to shift to neutral by shifting to neutral)