My Summer Car – New House

My Summer Car – New House

April 13, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

New House is a modification to the game My Summer Car, which adds a new, huge mansion near the city, right next to the ski jumps.

New House

The new residence, which is added after installing the modification called New House in the My Summer Car game, allows us to buy a new large house near the city for the amount of 75,000 MK – for such a large residence it is the optimal price.

After entering the mansion, we can feel like in a different game. Inside you will find several rooms that do not resemble the reality of My Summer Car – they are modern, and there is a computer on the first floor… with Windows 95. Two garages – one small, the other large for a tractor or GIFU.

The New House modification also gives you the opportunity to order furniture for our new home, and to do this, you need to find a catalog that looks like a car parts catalog from our garage, but is located in the room with a map and a telephone. As with ordering car parts, after selecting the furniture we are interested in, we will receive a letter that should be thrown into the box that hangs at the door of the Teimo store and after 15-20 minutes (real-time) our order will reach the store.

Despite all these changes, the modification also adds a grill on the terrace of the new house, where we can fry steaks. The steaks can be bought at the Teimo store and the meat is in the fridge, next to the milk and beer. Just like sausage, the steak will soon get “cooked” and then turn darker – this means it is ready to eat.