My Summer Car – Drivable Fury

My Summer Car – Drivable Fury

April 12, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

The Drivable Fury mod adds another drivable car to My Summer Car, namely the Plymouth Fury – Christine.

Drivable Fury

Plymouth Fury “Christine” – a car that is originally in the game at the mechanic’s and looks like an unfinished model. The Drivable Fury modification allows us to drive this vehicle – it has an interior and is finished outside.

The Plymouth Fury has a distinctive interior – a back mirror in the center of the dashboard and two air vents right next to the speedometer, which is typical for American vehicles of those years – such a speedometer can also be seen in Ferndale.

Drivable Fury is not just a car that can be driven – the modification offers vehicle variants available in the Mod / ModLoader settings. We can choose between stock and Drag looks, RWD and AWD transmission type, tinted windows or a custom steering wheel.

The Drivable Fury is not a proprietary idea of making the vehicle into the game – the Plymouth Fury was available early in the game and could be driven without any modifications, but the developer abandoned the vehicle and made it a regular model that stands in the garage.

This is a link to MediaFire – you download it at your own risk.