My Summer Car – Start the new game

My Summer Car – Start the new game

January 11, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

This tutorial will show you how to start playing My Summer Car in order to get it right. In this guide, you will learn what to buy, how to get there and what to take with you – it is very important before you start building your car.

*This guide describes how to start the game with a tractor and an old car

1) Take food and drink from the fridge – just in case Leave your food outside the house – you will come back for it

2) Go to the garage, open the spanner set (default “F” key), press “2” on the keyboard and take a screwdriver.

3) Take a hammer with you – it will be useful (the hammer is next to the table in the garage). Take a gas canister (it is on the other side of the table), you will need fuel to build Satsuma.

4) Exit the garage and follow the road to the right – you will see the woodshed, go and get the tractor (kekmet)

Now drive to home for food and take them with you

5) Go to the ventti cabin – follow the route on the map (red line, the gray-black line is the railway track).

6) Drive under the white shed and connect the car (Ruscko) with a tow rope, then push the car into the water with the tractor (water kills wasps).
IMPORTANT! There are wasps in the car, keep away from the front of the vehicle

7) Pull the car out of the water, detach the tow rope. Open the door and listen – if you can’t hear wasps, it means you can drive.

Remember, after 20 o’clock (8 pm) the wasps are sleeping and you can’t hear them, then you can use a fire extinguisher to get rid of them – if you have one.

8) Get into the vehicle (Ruscko), press “2” to take a screwdriver and start the car. Fuel in the car is enough to drive to the city (Perajarvi) and refuel the vehicle.

Don’t forget to take your hammer and food/drink

9) Before refueling, enter the store and buy the necessary items to build Satsuma:

  • 1 x Alternator Belt (295 MK)
  • 1 x Fire extinguisher (249 MK)
  • 3 x Brake/Clutch fluid (105 MK)
  • 1 x Coolant (195 MK)
  • 1 x Car battery (495 MK)
  • 1 x Motor oil (149 MK)
  • 1 x Oil filter (59 MK)
  • 1 x Spark plugs (99 MK)
  • 2 x Car Light Bulb (55.90 MK)

For all: 1 701,90 MK

10) If you are already in the store, you can buy food and drink. If you do not want to spend money on drinking, you can lower your thirst with tap water at home. Pay for purchases by clicking on the cash register.

11) Now you can go and refuel your vehicle, you don’t have to pay immediately, you can do it later (Teimo will call you and tell you to come back and pay for fuel – don’t worry about it).

12) Now you need to take the wheels to the car – you must go to an abandoned house (see map).

13) Take the hammer and press the “F” key to use. Use the right mouse button to hit the double door to the abandoned house, then go inside and climb the stairs (the stairs are on the right). At the top is a nest with wasps, after getting up go as close as possible to the right wall, and behind the stone wall, you will find the wheels – throw them outside (stand by the wall, press the “Q” key and throw towards the car). Then go back to the stairs (also stay close to the wall), go downstairs, put the wheels in the car and go home.

14) Now you need to build your car. If you need help – see the Building the car guide.

Video tutorial