My Summer Car – Mods don’t work

My Summer Car – Mods don’t work

January 11, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

Have you installed Mod Loader, copied mods to a folder and your mods don’t work in the game? Check out the solutions below to solve your problem.

Why don’t the mods work? There are several reasons – the most common one is that the modification is incompatible with the latest version of the game or the latest Mod Loader.

Bad compatibility with game or Mod Loader

As can be seen from the example of the Closepitpanel modification, it was created for Mod Loader version 0.3.5 (but still works) – some modifications download data from the game – if the addresses of the game has change, the modification stops working

Incorrectly copied files

Incorrectly copied files are the second most common cause of mods not working. Modders put the modification files in the package so that it is as easy as possible to copy them while maintaining the directory structure. Copy .dll files to the Mods folder, folders with the name of the modification (which most often contain additional Assets to be modified) are copied to the Assets folder. In the given example, you can see information in the console about a missing file for the given path.