My Summer Car – Repairable Ruscko

My Summer Car – Repairable Ruscko

May 13, 2022 6 By Games-Manuals

Repairable Ruscko is a modification for My Summer Car that allows you to completely repair Ruscko – a rusty old car.

Repairable Ruscko

Repairable Ruscko is a modification to My Summer Car that allows you to completely repair Ruscko – a rusty old car that you win with cards. After one of the updates, Ruscko has become practically useless due to the damaged starter and radiator, but the Repairable Ruscko modification will allow you to change that.

You can buy new parts from Fleetari (a car mechanic) and remove the rust with Painjob for Ruscko – the products are on the shelf to the right of the entrance, and the way of buying is no different than the parts from the original game. The whole thing costs over 28 thousand MK.

Purchasing parts is not all that needs to be done. Previously purchased parts for Ruscko should be installed, and old and broken parts should be removed. To do this, open the hood (the same as in Satsuma) and remove the radiator and starter, and then install a new starter and a radiator, into which you need to pour coolant – otherwise the car will overheat and you will not be able to continue driving.

On the map, you can find missing elements such as the driver’s side mirror, a roller handle to open the windows or the fourth hubcap. Where to look for them?

  • Car mirror – next to the mechanic’s building (right between the truck and the fittan’s wreckage)
  • Roller handle – on the upper floor of an abandoned mansion, right next to the stairs
  • Hubcap – it lies right next to the water, behind the railroad tracks, towards the strawberry field (this place is hard to explain, see the video below)

Did you find the missing parts of the car? Great now

  • Remove the wasp nest with the digging bar (you will find this in the shed next to the house, it’s a suspension straightening tool)
  • Repair dents on the right door and grill / front bumper (use hammer)
  • Repair the electrics in the car (use the wiring mess)

The last thing is to do a car inspection in the city. This is the same as with Satsuma, remember to take the warning triangle with you and put it in Ruscko. After a successful inspection, you will receive license plates that you need to attach to the car – the license plates must be screwed on with a screwdriver.

Ready save file with fixed Ruscko

The save file contains a fully repaired Ruscko with missing elements such as a mirror, hubcap, etc. Ruscko has license plates mounted.

The file should be placed in the game save folder (check the location in this guide)