My Summer Car – New brick job in the game

My Summer Car – New brick job in the game

March 13, 2022 2 By Games-Manuals

Are you looking for a modification for a new job in My Summer Car, are you bored with working with wood transport, septic tanks or picking strawberries? There is a mod that adds bricks to the game that you can sell to the guy and earn some cash.

Brick job

Brick job mod adds 50 bricks to the game in three places that must be collected and sold to the guy near the mechanic – similar to Kilju.

Where to find bricks?

  • Firewood sale point – they are next to the building
  • Construction site near the city
  • A burned-down house next to the Ventti hut


Once you have collected all the bricks from the map, go to the house near the mechanic (Fleetari) to sell the bricks you collected – you will get 20 MK for each brick. You can see the place of sale on the map at home – if the buyer appears, a marker will also appear on the map.