My Summer Car – LEDL Turbocharger kit for Satsuma

My Summer Car – LEDL Turbocharger kit for Satsuma

March 8, 2022 4 By Games-Manuals

The Turbo in Satsuma is a fairly frequently downloaded modification for My Summer Car, the first popular mod was the DonnerTechRacing Turbocharger, now it’s the turn of a completely different turbocharger set.

LEDL Turbocharger kit

To buy the Turbocharger kit, you need to go to the mechanic (Fleetari), the whole kit is on the shelf to the right of the entrance – at the very top. Each part of the turbo kit is purchased separately and the whole set is not cheap.

Turbo assembly

Installation of the turbo is not complicated and requires basic mechanical knowledge (from the attached screen you can deduce a lot how to install it correctly) – it is very important to tighten each screw (10mm and a screwdriver on the hose clamps), otherwise, the Turbo may fall apart when you try to start the car – it means that you missed a screw.

The turbo is mounted on a stock carburetor, without an air filter.