My Summer Car – MSC Editor – SuskiStage, SuskiTime

My Summer Car – MSC Editor – SuskiStage, SuskiTime

May 29, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Suski in My Summer Car, our girlfriend is sometimes angry with us, and resetting the suskistage can help solve problems, speed up the end of the game along with suskitime – that is, the time needed for a new stage.

SuskiStage, SuskiTime

The girl, i.e. Suski (because that is the name of the woman we are dating), is capricious and requires some improvements in Satsuma or specific tasks to be fulfilled in order for the date to be successful, but you can read about it in the article about Suski, i.e. dating. How to properly change suskistage and suskitime so as not to spoil the game, and at the same time speed up its ending or skip a certain stage (e.g. the moment when Suski is bad). Just change suskistage to some value in MSC Editor (see below) and if you need to finish it suskitime.

suskistage and suskitime

  • Stage 0 – Suski is in the yellow car
  • Stage 1 – Suski needs help (she is injured)
  • Stage 2 – Suski is located on the bed/couch in the living room
  • Stage 3 – A note on the bed
  • Stage 4 – Suski is ready for a date
  • Stage 5 – Suski is offended
  • Stage 6 – The last stage is the end of the game, set suskitime to 8970 and wait for a few minutes for the phone if you want to speed up the ending