My Summer Car Editor – How to teleport items/vehicles

My Summer Car Editor – How to teleport items/vehicles

July 11, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

How to use My Summer Car Editor to teleport items or cars, e.g. to your home, city, garage or to a specific place on the map? It is very easy!

How to teleport items/vehicles

The first way to teleport items is to choose from the list what item you want to teleport and where it is to be teleported – MSC Editor has many ready places to which you can teleport items and vehicles.

Just click the Tools -> Teleport Object tab and from the first drop-down list select what you want to teleport (the name of the item in the game), in the second drop-down list select where to teleport it. The “Height offset” option allows you to slightly raise the teleported item – a useful function, it is recommended to enter the value 1-2 so that the item does not fall under the map when loading the save.

The second way allows you to teleport items/vehicles using the map – if you want to use the map to teleport, click Tools -> World Map – then right-click where you want to teleport anything and use “Teleport an object here”.

After doing this, a window will be displayed, in which you only have to select what items/vehicle you want to teleport to the given place, the second text field will be filled with coordinates on the map to which the object will be teleported. The “Height offset” option does not differ from the first method, it is also recommended to enter the value 1-2 to avoid the object falling under the map while loading the game save.

Vehicle teleporting

To teleport a vehicle to a specific location on the map, use the first or the second method described above – vehicle teleporting is no different than teleporting items – you just need to know the name of the vehicle you want to teleport:

  • Satsuma – cartransform
  • Hayosiko (blue van) – vantrasform
  • Gifu – gifutransform
  • Ruscko – RussianTransform
  • Kekmet – tractortransform
  • Tractor trailer – flatbedtransform
  • Jonnez ES – mopertransform