My Summer Car Manual – Why the app disappeared from Google Play

My Summer Car Manual – Why the app disappeared from Google Play

April 23, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

My Summer Car Manual from Google Play disappeared in early 2022, why? You will learn about it in this article.

My Summer Car Manual is no longer available on Google Play

My Summer Car Manual was an application written by a YouTuber nicknamed Radex, who from the beginning of his activity on the YouTube platform creates videos related to My Summer Car, and one day he decided to make a collection of useful guides and put it in one application that was always available under with your hand on the phone.


In two years, the My Summer Car Manual application was downloaded several hundred thousand times, and at the beginning of 2022 it was used by tens of thousands of users a day – so why did it disappear from Google Play?

The reason for the disappearance of the application from Google Play

My Summer Car Manual on January 6th was taken off Google Play by Google, reason? Brand impersonation. It is unofficially known that the reason was not impersonating the brand, but reports from users (children who do not understand what MANUAL is – they thought that their favorite game was for phones, downloaded the application, and then, disappointed, wrote negative reviews and reported the application).

My Summer Car Manual ->

After removing My Summer Car Manual from Google Play, there are three options:

  1. Abandoning the project
  2. Upload a completely new application with a changed name
  3. Creation of a website – the equivalent of Manuals from Google Play

Option number three was chosen – a website that is available to everyone, on a computer (there were also requests for an application for computers), for Android and iOS phones (here were also requests to create an application for phones with the operating system from Apple). Why? Convenience in updating guides, freedom in action (more possibilities than in a mobile application), a website, and in fact a given guide is listed on Google, so if someone is looking for a car construction guide, they will find a link through the Google search engine – there was no such possibility in the application.