Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – 0.6.6 update (08/07/2022)

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – 0.6.6 update (08/07/2022)

July 9, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

On July 8, 2022, Motor Town: Behind The Wheel received an update to version 0.6.6. New vehicles such as Kira or Panther (Mazda MX-5) have been added.

0.6.6 update (08/07/2022)

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel is an indie game that is being created by two developers and gets content updates very often, and here’s another update marked as 0.6.6 – why not 0.7? Sure why, there are more bug fixes here and the update is more focused on the world than on functionalities, but we have new vehicles!


As you can see in the screenshot, the city center is transforming from a construction site into quite large skyscrapers, and this is not the end of changes – it seems to me that this place will be teeming with activity.

0.6.6 Changelog

Seo-Gui-Po Downtown

  • Most of the building construction is now finished
  • Traffic lights are not implemented yet, sorry!
  • More exciting things will be added later!

New Vehicle

  • Kira van is added to the Gang-Jung Dealership
  • Kira flatbed truck is added at the Heavy Duty shop
  • Kira Box truck is added at the Heavy Duty shop
  • Panther, a small two-seater with a pop-up headlight is added

New offroad track is under construction
You can test-drive the new offroad track near the mountain, although it’s not opened yet!


  • [Taxi] 2~5 Person Group Taxi passenger is added with increased payment
  • [Taxi] Improved map UI at the taxi passenger popup window
  • [Bus] Unrelated map icon is removed from bus route map
  • [AI] AI Vehicle turns at the crossroad a little bit smoother
  • [UI] Hide UI mode now has 2 steps, ‘hiding HUD’ and ‘hiding entire UI stuff, like yellow interaction box’
  • [UX] Roadside Towing service charges low on the first 9 times (0~90%)
  • [UX] Light help message doesn’t show up after the player turns on the light
  • [Control] Look left/right angle option and rate mode option are added
  • [Vehicle] Truck spawner is added to warehouses
  • [Vehicle] Taxi skin is added to Koma
  • [Vehicle] Some vehicle’s tining opacity from cockpit view is decreased
  • [Vehicle] Heavy-duty 350HP engine was too quiet on idle
  • [Vehicle] World vehicle doesn’t despawn when it’s hooked with a winch
  • [World] Crossroad mesh is improved

Bug Fixed

  • [Taxi] Having another player as a passenger makes the taxi passenger’s Comfort level 5
  • [Truck] Dropped cargo was paid
  • [Camera] If you look down in character mode while seating and change to chase view camera, the camera is stuck on a rolled angle
  • [Controller] Controller doesn’t work on vehicle spawn UI
  • [Parking] Parking at the police station says ‘already parked’
  • [Vehicle] Police interceptor has a hole in the steering axis
  • [Vehicle] Mitage wheel mesh was same as Stella
  • [Vehicle] Spider’s wheel axle was too wide
  • [Vehicle] Dumpy was not able to spawn at Heavy Duty Shop
  • [Vehicle] Vehicle part’s weight didn’t apply correctly
  • [Vehicle] Koma driver character clip through seat
  • [Vehicle] Fortem’s front fender has a hole
  • [Vehicle] Nimo’s interior mood light mesh has different view distance
  • [Police] Suspect vehicle doesn’t show up on the map during multiplayer
  • [Leaderboard] Cheat flagged player’s top speed kept resetting
  • [Physics] Yellow line at the water factory has dirt physics
  • [World] Terrain hole at the Oedo is fixed
  • [World] Floating road mesh at the airport is fixed
  • [World] Guard rail sticks out at the 1100 winding road
  • [World] Grass in the road is fixed near Jeju
  • [World] Road bump at the Hospital entrance is fixed
  • [World] Bumpy roadside near Jeju harbor warehouse
  • [World] Road line was not aligned near the bridge, east of Seo-Gui-Po
  • [World] Road near Lumbermil didn’t have ‘dirt’ physics
  • [World] Road center objects blocked crossroad at the Seo-Gui-Po downtown
  • [World] Useless construction trucks at the Seo-Gui-Po downtown
  • [World] Wood fence near Gim-Nyung Beach fall over by itself
  • [World] Tree falls over by itself near Olle Speedway
  • [World] Gim-Nyung beach area message keeps showing up at the housing area
  • [World] Grass clipping through road near powerplant
  • [World] Track curb mesh not aligned at the Harbor
  • [World] Terrain mesh artifact at the Olle Speedway
  • [World] Ground collision height was a little bit high at Overseas Imports
  • [UI] Pressing the ESC key at the Vehicle Control Panel can remove the cursor without removing UI
  • [UI] Taxi passenger’s destination box was not visible at a distance