My Summer Car – How to make indestructible Satsuma?

My Summer Car – How to make indestructible Satsuma?

July 8, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

How to make Satsuma in My Summer Car indestructible, so that the body parts do not fall off, the engine does not overheat and burn, nothing wears out?

How to make indestructible Satsuma?

To make an indestructible Satsuma in My Summer Car, you need to use a modification that prevents the body from deteriorating, car parts falling off, windshield breaking, and preventing damage to the suspension and engine. This is the only way to make the Satsuma an indestructible vehicle and you will stop worrying about time-consuming repairs.


Dukt Tape is a modification for My Summer Car, which allows you to turn on the indestructible mode in Satsuma – engine, suspension, windshield and all body parts. It is with this modification that you will make your Satsuma indestructible. For using this modification, we recommend God Mode, thanks to which you will not have to worry about death during accidents.