My Summer Car – Inspection failed – explanation of why

My Summer Car – Inspection failed – explanation of why

May 28, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Fails while inspecting Satsuma in My Summer Car are sometimes confusing, which means Emissions, Transmission or Warning Triangle and how to eliminate these fails?

Fails during Satsuma inspection

Fails during the Satsuma inspection are something that 99% of players have encountered at least once in their lives while playing My Summer Car, and solving these problems is not as difficult as it may seem – especially when you choose English on the inspection card (click the flag of Great Britain).

What do the errors on the inspection card mean?

1. Service brake – Foot brake inoperative – no brake fluid in the tank or loose nuts/bolts from the brake lines
2. Parking brake – Handbrake inoperative – no cable or handbrake lever properly installed

1. Driving light front left – No bulb in the left front headlight, broken bulb or no electrics connected
2. Driving light front right – No bulb in the right front headlight, broken bulb or no electrics connected
3. Driving light rear left – No electrics connected to the left rear light
4. Driving light rear right – No electrics connected to the right rear light
5. Warning triangle – No warning triangle in the car (take the warning triangle from the tractor and throw it into the car, preferably in the trunk)

1. Suspension rear left – Damaged or incomplete rear left suspension
2. Suspension rear right – Damaged or incomplete rear right suspension
3. Shocks rear left – Damaged rear left shock absorber or its lack
4. Shocks rear right – Damaged rear right shock absorber or lack thereof
5. Suspension front left – Damaged or incomplete front left suspension
6. Suspension front right – Damaged or incomplete front right suspension
7. Shocks front left – Damaged front left shock absorber or lack thereof
8. Shocks front right – Damaged front right shock absorber or lack thereof
9. Tie rod left – Lack of left steering rod
10. Tie rod right – Lack of right tie rod
11. Steering axle – There is no steering axle component
12. Steering column – No steering column
13. Fuel lining – No fuel pump/fuel line loose
14. Fuel tank – No fuel tank
15. Exhaust system – No exhaust pipe or original muffler
16. Chassis – Incomplete chassis
17. Tires – Poor quality tires or prohibited tires (e.g. European, slicks)
18. Body – Incomplete or damaged vehicle body (door, hood, tailgate, etc.)

1. Windshield – No windscreen (windshield)
2. Drivers seat – No original driver’s seat
3. Front tire align – Incorrectly adjusted front wheel alignment
4. Instrumental panel – No dashboard or its components, no electrics connected to the dashboard
5. Transmission – Damaged gearbox
6. Steering wheel – No original steering wheel (GT is allowed)
7. Engine – Damaged or incomplete engine or its components
8. Emissions – Incorrectly set fuel ratio (correct fuel ratio (A/F ratio) on a hot engine: 14.7 – 15.7)

Prohibited parts

Prohibited parts to be disassembled for Satsuma inspection:

  • Steel headers
  • Racing exhaust
  • Racing muffler
  • Slick tires
  • Rally tires
  • N2O kit
  • Racing carburetors
  • Rally steering wheel
  • Long coil springs

Wheels (tires) found in an abandoned residence are not suitable for vehicle inspection, they must be replaced by a mechanic.