My Summer Car – Fuse table – explanation

My Summer Car – Fuse table – explanation

July 1, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Translation of fuse box markings in My Summer Car, no light in part of the house, no water, no electricity – find out which fuse is responsible for a given room.

Fuse table – explanation

The fuse box in My Summer Car is marked in Finnish – no wonder, the action of the game is in Finland, the developer of this game is Finnish, so the text on the textures in the game is also in Finnish.


Each room in the house or garage has its own fuse, if there is no fuse in the fuse box in a given place, it means that there will be no electricity, light or even water in a part of the house. Below you will find a list of translated rooms, starting from the left side.

Top row:

  • Player’s bedroom, bathroom
  • Garage
  • Kitchen (marked in the screenshot)
  • Parents’ bedroom

Bottom row:

  • Living room, hall
  • Heater in the sauna
  • Laundry, shower, and sauna (lighting and water)