My Summer Car – DonnerTech ECU is not working

My Summer Car – DonnerTech ECU is not working

June 30, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

DonnerTech ECU in My Summer Car is not working, no red cables appear, modification error etc. What needs to be done for the modification to work properly?

DonnerTech ECU is not working

You installed the DonnerTech ECU modification and it doesn’t work? Are you trying to mount all the parts from the catalog to Satsuma but the red cables don’t show up? Or maybe the car just stopped starting after installing a ready-made game save with DonnerTech ECU? What is the reason for this?


There can be many reasons, but the most common and current reason is that the DonnerTech ECU modification simply does not work with the latest version of the game because the update changed the car’s firing mechanics and the developer of the ECU modification did not update it to the latest version.


It can also be with error Object reference not set to an instance of an object in void