My Summer Car Editor – How to find a lost item

My Summer Car Editor – How to find a lost item

July 11, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Lost your item or car part somewhere on the map in My Summer Car and don’t know how to find it? See how to find lost items.

How to find a lost item

Sometimes it happens that in My Summer Car we lose an item and we are not even aware that it has happened – the item may have fallen out of the car when hitting something, accident or simply during a firmer bend – or you just said “I’ll be back for it later “and you forgot where it was.

How to find a lost item? It’s very simple – use MSC Editor and the built-in map. Open the game save in MSC Editor (File -> Open -> defaultES2File), then open the map (Tools -> World Map) and on the right side, select the category of items (CARPARTS or REST) from the menu, find the lost item, e.g. front bumper (BUMPERFRONT) – click on the subject’s inscription with the left mouse button and its location will be shown on the map.

You can teleport selected items to a place of your choice, see the guide on how to teleport items and vehicles with the help of the MSC Editor.