GRID Legends – How to grind kilometers/miles fast

GRID Legends – How to grind kilometers/miles fast

May 25, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

How to grind kilometers/miles fast in GRID Legends to unlock Stage 2 or Stage 3 of the Vehicle Upgrade for the finals of the competition?

Grinding kilometers / miles

Finals in subclasses usually require the 2 or 3 stages of upgrades in the car, to unlock the upgrades you need to drive a certain number of kilometers (stage 2 = 39km, stage 3 = 56km) – repeating previously won races can be cumbersome.

There is a way to grind kilometers/miles in vehicles that makes it easier, in about a minute you can cover 4 kilometers without much effort, you just need to set up a race on an oval track in the race creator for a specific class of competition.

Follow the instructions:

  • Enter the race wizard
  • Choose a sport (racing or electric)
  • Select your vehicle class (if you are currently doing Track Day – select Track Day and then a subclass to match the correct car in the game)
  • Select the CRESCENT VALLEY location
  • Select the Oval Circuit route
  • Select the number of laps (each lap will add 4 km – if you give up the race, the kilometers will be added to the vehicle, you don’t need to finish the race)
  • Choose only 2 drivers (it will be easier)
  • Start the race and reach 56 kilometers