My Summer Car – Secrets and Easter Eggs

My Summer Car – Secrets and Easter Eggs

January 14, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

There are several Easter Eggs in the game, here is a list of secrets hidden by the game’s developer

Railway tunnel

In the railway tunnel, at its end, you can find information written in Finnish, which means that “You are in the tunnel. Go home and sleep overnight“.

Finland independence day

On December 6, if you play My Summer Car, you may notice small changes such as Finland’s flags in the city and illuminated silo buildings and ski jumps.

You can change the date on your computer to see the Easter Egg.

Ghost near Ventti cabin

If you take a camera and go to Ventti, you’ll see the ruins of a burned house. At first glance, there is nothing strange about it, but if you take a picture with a camera after midnight, you will see a ghost on the print. The ghost revolves around the chimney.

Tinting windows at home

If you use a Windows black wrap on a window in a player’s room that has a bed to sleep on, you will darken the window pane.

To remove the dim, you need to reload the game save (saving the game does not cause the dim to stay forever)

Red spider

The red spider appears on the computer when you are using a non-original version of the game (or a game launched outside of Steam)