Motor Town – Version 0.6.8 – Update

Motor Town – Version 0.6.8 – Update

August 7, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

On 07/08/2022 Motor Town received update 0.6.8 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Changelog and description of changes later in the article.

Motor Town – Version 0.6.8

Update 0.6.8 to Motor Town: Behind The Wheel adds some new features but fixes many bugs that accompanied previous versions of the game.

Despite a new vehicle, a new pizza delivery job, or a new small city bus, we now have the opportunity to earn Steam achievements – at the moment there are 5 achievements and they are not very easy to unlock.

Something that will please players is the V12 400HP engine, which can be mounted not only on a new vehicle (SUV), but also on other vehicles – for example, such an engine can be mounted on the Enfo GT, to (probably) the best car in the game.



New Hotkey

  • Toggle Auto-Shift hotkey is added (Default Alt+A. Thanks to Tomas)


  • [AI] AI vehicle’s turning speed at the crossroad is improved (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
  • [Tire] Offroad tire’s traction is improved
  • [Truck] Parking space is added to harbor warehouse (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
  • [Scooty] Scooty now doesn’t fall over while standing still, even if the parking brake is not on
  • [Scooty] Scooty’s CVT is reworked (Thanks to Alice Margatroid)
  • [Scooty] Biker character leans more actively (Thanks to Alice Margatroid)
  • [Scooty] Scooty’s headlight now rotates with the handlebar (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
  • [Scooty] Scooty’s default profit share is changed from 0% to 20% (Thanks to Reddington)
  • [Police] Bad guys spawn rate is increased (Thanks to FR13ND5)
  • [Vehicle] Center LSD is added to Mammoth (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
  • [Vehicle] Raton’s default engine is changed to a new V12 400HP (Thanks to Mr. Sandman)
  • [Vehicle] V12 400HP engine’s volume is increased (Thanks to scailman)
  • [Bus] Default bus schedule has increased stopping time (Thanks to scailman)
  • [Bus] Schedule timer doesn’t start until the first stop (Thanks to majored1)
  • [UI] Total payment is shown after dumping cargos (Thanks to Reddington)
  • [Cargo] Supply delivery spawn for Premium Burger and Signature Pizza is increased
  • [Cargo] Added warning message for Dumping cargo(sands, garbage) into the wrong place (Thanks to We The People and NorthHopper)

Bug Fixed

  • [XP] Job experience calculation has errors on certain vehicles (Thanks to Eric)
  • [XP] Owner Profit share increased XP (Thanks to Eric)
  • [Control] Couldn’t shift the CVT of Scooty with H-Shifter (Thanks to gummy)
  • [Control] Steering right with Controller while chatting close chat input box (Thanks to Fusi0n)
  • [Vehicle] Trailer’s pivot was randomly offset (Thanks to AndrewHales, Raging Raider, Hanzer, 8O8_pouria_8O8, and AndyF4yCZ)
  • [Vehicle] Parking brake disengaged when the client driver enter the vehicle in the Multiplayer (Thanks to Krupke)
  • [Vehicle] Koma’s exhaust pipe was painted with body color (Thanks to DarkFox49)
  • [Vehicle] Bora’s side mirror size was different (Thanks to Fluxsake)
  • [Vehicle] Liliput’s LED Display didn’t work (Thanks to scailman)
  • [Vehicle] Liliput’s passenger hands stick out through windows (Thanks to scailman)
  • [Vehicle] Liliput’s windshield tinting was too strong from inside
  • [Vehicle] Trailer hitch mesh was too short (Thanks to majored1)
  • [Vehicle] Trailer’s physics explode after leaving it at the distance and come back (Thanks to Shevy 🇦🇺 and majored1)
  • [Vehicle] Taxi sign keeps visible after previewing it at the garage while the Limo license is installed (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
  • [Vehicle] Spawning a big vehicle at the small vehicle makes the interaction highlight stuck (Thanks to Shevy 🇦🇺)
  • [Cargo] Large cargo delivery is removed from Modern Dealership (Thanks to tigros and Cain)
  • [Cargo] Cannot put small cargo into Stella’s trunk by hand (Thanks to majored1)
  • [Cargo] Installed cargo bed in multiplayer didn’t work until restart session (Thanks to Fouss_8 and Fusi0n)
  • [Delivery] Furniture delivery to a resident inside the building is removed (Thanks to AndrewHales)
  • [Bus] Last bus stop did not restore after reconnecting to the new multiplayer session (Thanks to Mr. Sandman and majored1)
  • [World] Far distance object shows up and disappears after loading (Thanks to 8Sh1t and Reddington)
  • [Nav] AI drives a strange route at the downtown crossroad (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
  • [Character] Character animation stop after leaving the vehicle (Thanks to NorthHopper)
  • [Character] Character randomly stuck on pushing animation even after entering the vehicle (Thanks to Smiff)
  • [Item] Jerrycan can be empty by the trailer (Thanks to Shevy)
  • [UI] Modern dealership didn’t have a map icon
  • [UI] Random ‘Failed to Tow’ message at the start-up (Thanks to ffsbudman)
  • [UI] Job vehicle marker was blinking randomly
  • [UI] Destination navigation didn’t update immediately at the world map during single player (Thanks to Reddington)
  • [UI] Scaling up the UI can make Player is to be overlapped with minimap (Thanks to Chromatose)
  • [UI] Some interaction box was visible from a far distance (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
  • [UI] Delivery marker of Furniture Factory was too high (Thanks to BuhMann)

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