Motor Town – Version 0.6.7 – new update with a two-wheeler

Motor Town – Version 0.6.7 – new update with a two-wheeler

July 25, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

The new update for Motor Town (version 0.6.7), which is ready for download, adds some new features including a new job, a two-wheeler and a car dealership.

Version 0.6.7

The new update of Motor Town Behind The Wheel from July 25, 2022, version 0.6.7 adds a new job as a fast food supplier, specifically burgers. Along with the new job, there is also a scooter that stands in front of the restaurant and we can use it to deliver food. If you deliver the food on time, you will get a tip.

Food can also be delivered by a van (it can be rented) – by using a van, we can take all orders at once.

The update also adds a new car dealership in Seo-Gui-Po city – the same city as the new food delivery job – cars from future updates will appear in this car dealership.




  • Fast food delivery
  • Scooter
  • Car dealership
  • New racetrack


  • [Vehicle] Stella now has small cargo space in the trunk
  • [AI] AI Vehicle turns more smooth on the right turn at the crossroad
  • [Garage] Repair all cost is now shown at the button
  • [Vehicle] Box trailer’s ground clearance for landing gear is raised

Bug Fixed

  • [Delivery] Tanker trailer could make payment increased
  • [Vehicle] Panther’s exhaust mesh was inverted
  • [Vehicle] Installing parts at the garage during multiplayer didn’t update UI randomly
  • [Vehicle] Campy had a small radiator
  • [Towing] Game restart can make on-going towing mission vehicle as free to use vehicle
  • [World] Wall mesh was missing in the downtown
  • [World] Street lamp was not on the ground in the downtown
  • [Nav] Navigation near offroad place was wrong
  • [Cargo] Cargo payment was not calculated correctly when a Tanker trailer was attached
  • [Vehicle] Kira Van’s wheel was unstable at low speed
  • [Vehicle] Towing/Rescue mission vehicle was able to drive after restarting the game
  • [Cargo] Cargo can be a gray box after restarting the game
  • [Cargo] Cargo timer can be reset on the drop

Source: Steam