My Summer Car – Dukt Tape – invincible Satsuma

My Summer Car – Dukt Tape – invincible Satsuma

July 7, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Duct Tape is a mod for My Summer Car that allows you to activate the invincible mode in Satsuma – engine, suspension, windshield and all body parts.

Dukt Tape – invincible Satsuma

Dukt Tape is a modification for My Summer Car, which is mainly used for fun or simply will be useful for people who are fed up with constantly hitting trees, other cars or buildings, and then repairing the same or every moment of getting out of the car. the car only to raise the muffler or bumper again.


The mod is very easy to use, the key that activates the menu is “G” – after pressing this key, you will see a small window where you choose what you want to be indestructible, you can choose from:

  • engine
  • windshield
  • suspension
  • Parts (lock – will not fall off, revert – return to normal)
  • Make satsuma fall apart (all parts will be unscrewed)