My Summer Car – How to install mods and Mod Loader

My Summer Car – How to install mods and Mod Loader

January 15, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

To install the modifications you need a program called MSC Mod Loader, you can download it from NexusMods.
Important! You must have the original game for the program to work properly – Modifications will not work on a cracked version (downloaded from the internet)

How to install MSC Mod Loader

  • Extract the program (you may need a program to handle .zip files – like WinRar or 7-Zip)
  • Run the MSCLoader_Launcher file
  • The program will ask if you want to continue downloading the files – press yes
  • Now the program will download the necessary files. After successfully downloading all files you will be informed – Files downloaded successfully!.Don’t check the “Download Advanced files” box – you don’t need these files.
  • After clicking “OK” the downloaded program will open
  • You must select a folder with the game installed (1) (Steam patch – Steam -> steamapps -> common -> My Summer Car) and select the application mysummercar.exe
  • select the location of the folder where you will copy the modifications (2)
  • Press “Install MSCLoader” (3)
  • You should see the information “Patching successful!” – press “OK”

How to install mods

1) Modification files (.dll) must be located in the Mods folder, the Assets folder is copied to Mods/Assets
2) If you have successfully copied the files (and folders), you can start the game and enjoy the new modification
Some information:

  • If the modification doesn’t show up in the game, it may be because it hasn’t been updated to the latest version of the game (red information in the console that the modification has been disabled)
  • Not every modification contains the Assets folder
  • You can download the modifications from RaceDepartment or NexusMods. Check out the video descriptions on YouTube, often there are links for modifications used in the videos
  • Be careful when you downloading modifications, not everyone can be friendly!

Video tutorial