My Summer Car – A most common problem with car + fix

My Summer Car – A most common problem with car + fix

January 13, 2022 2 By Games-Manuals

Here, the most common car problems are described, if that didn’t solve your problem, join our Discord – we’ll help.

The car doesn't start

  • No fuel
  • Loose engine screws
  • Incompletely connected electrician
  • Damaged engine parts (pistons, crankshaft, starter, etc.)
  • Discharged battery
  • Misaligned ignition
  • Damaged fuel pump

Weird sounds from the engine

  • Squeaking – alternator belt too loosely stretched / ignition misaligned
  • Metallic striking – incorrectly adjusted crankshaft
  • Strong bang – damaged engine element (most often piston, timing)
  • Clicking in the engine – incorrectly adjusted valves

Engine overheating

  • Damaged radiator
  • No coolant in the radiator
  • Driving at too high a speed on a stock radiator and a stock hood
  • Not connected cooler to the electric


  • Starts and goes out – damaged spark plugs or incorrectly adjusted valves
  • Headlights don’t work – no bulb/bulb burned out
  • No power – replace spark plugs, adjust valves and fuel dose (A/F Ratio)