Mon Bazou – Infested plants – what to do

Mon Bazou – Infested plants – what to do

July 22, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Infested plants in Mon Bazou appeared with the bunker update 0.291 – why are plants infested and what to do to prevent them from being infected?

Infested plants – what to do

Infested plants appeared in the summer update marked 0.291 (after all fixes) – the update added a bunker, compost, portable planters and many other new things was added in the June 23 update. Among other things, then the option was added that the plants could be infested.

What to do if the plant is infested? In the decoration store, you can buy Pesticide Solution – after spraying the plant with this mixture, it is no longer infested. Plants that are grown in the bunker cannot be infested.