Mon Bazou – how to build a garage

Mon Bazou – how to build a garage

January 19, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Do you want a nice garage in Mon Bazou where you can keep vehicles, wheels on stands, tools on cabinets and have light at night?

Building of a garage

  • To start building a garage, you must meet one condition – you must have 25 friendship points with your brother (the person to whom you sell firewood)
  • If you have 25 friendship points, go to your brother and talk to him and you will see a dialog that will give you the opportunity to start building a garage
  • Bring 48 pieces of firewood to the unloading site (next to the stairs)Wait 5 in-game days and your garage will be ready (there are three stages:
    • Wood skeleton (walls)
    • Wood skeleton (walls and roof)
    • Garage ready
  • Enjoy the garage

Video tutorial