Mon Bazou – Secrets and Easter Eggs

Mon Bazou – Secrets and Easter Eggs

April 3, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

In Mon Bazou, you can find many Easter Eggs, such as hidden inscriptions from the creator of the game or references to certain numbers or activities.

Hidden inscriptions

The inscription on the chimney on the roof of the building where we can buy Poutine – a snack to satisfy our hunger in the game. In fact, the inscription informs us or basically asks – why are we looking here and that it is a fake hole.

Another inscription can be found on the roof of our brother’s house – it is difficult to get there, but with a little cunning and the use of our brother’s car, we are able to climb the roof, and on one of the chimneys you can find an inscription about our loving of climbing the roofs.

Under the bridge, which is at the beginning of the entrance to the city, you can find the nickname of one of the YouTubers (Radex) who recorded episodes from Mon Bazou from the beginning, and in fact even before the official premiere.

The number 69 and 420

Just as Rockstar is crazy about UFOs, Santa Goat often alludes to the number 69 in his game – a reference to a sex position, of course. The number 69 can be found on the Kali-Gas fuel dispenser (there is also the number 420 referring to smoking pots), our PO box has the number 69, and the vehicle for the Derby is marked with the number 69 – isn’t that strange?