Stray – Play as CJ from GTA San Andreas

Stray – Play as CJ from GTA San Andreas

July 25, 2022 1 By Games-Manuals

How to replace cat texture with CJ from GTA SA in Stray? It’s very simple, just download the appropriate “modification” and copy it to the appropriate folder.

CJ from GTA San Andreas

A character named Carl Johnson probably knows most of you – this is the protagonist from GTA San Andreas, he also appeared in the topic of GTA V. The title CJ is probably in every game, players love this character to the extent that they convert it to various games and also one of the players decided to make a Carl Johnson skin for the cat game Stray.

The skin can be downloaded from Nexus Mods, as the author himself (Sirgalahad172) writes, this modification is more of a joke, but if someone wants to play a characteristic character in the form of a cat, why not?