American Truck Simulator – Version 1.45

American Truck Simulator – Version 1.45

July 26, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

On 07/25/2022 American Truck Simulator received update 1.45 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Changelog and description of changes later in the article.

Cody + US-14

Wyoming DLC owners got a free update with add-ons in two cities, Cody and US-14. Now drivers of virtual trucks will be able to see the Buffalo Bill reservoir and dam, Teepee Pakashka or see the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park.


The city of Cody offers players to discover beautiful, famous monuments and various attractions such as the visitor center and the Rodeo stadium. It is worth noting that if you have not bought the Wyoming DLC so far, you will not lose anything in the future – the free update for this DLC will also apply to future buyers.

Own tanker semi-trailers

In update 1.45, players will be able to purchase their own trailers (tank trailers) with which they will be able to transport loads and modify them as they see fit – this is a long-awaited option that players have been asking for a long time.


However, there is a certain limitation in availability, because so far there are only two types of tank trailers that you can buy – a fuel tanker and silos for transporting dry bulk materials, but SCS Software ensures that in the future there will be more of this type. semi-trailers.

Gas & Truck Stops Rebranding

Gas stations and parking lots for trucks, which since 2016 have not impressed as the current gas stations from the new DLC, have received a rebranding. The new look of truck stations and parking lots is due to the amazing team of 2D artists that SCS could not boast of at the premiere of American Truck Simulator.

The new look of the gas stations is much better in my opinion, large and tall totems with fuel prices and gas station logo – this is something that adds freshness to the game.

New gameplay options

The new gameplay options in version 1.45 are something most players have been waiting for, what’s new in the new version of the game?

Optional Mods: Mods that will be marked by modders as “optional” will not be required when playing convoys together – you won’t need a mod to replace the sound of the train to play with your friends.

Rain sensor: An option that I personally waited for a long time, if someone does not know what it is, I am explaining it. The rain sensor picks up the density of the droplets that fall from the sky and automatically turns on the wipers when the situation requires it, so you will no longer have to control the speed of the wipers in the truck. You must turn on the rain sensor option in the gameplay options and set the wipers in the first position.

Inaccessible Road Markers: Markers (X) on inaccessible roads can now be turned off, so if you didn’t like these markers on inaccessible roads, now you can turn them off, but be careful not to hit the invisible barrier that will still be there.

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