Stray – codes and passwords for doors and safes

Stray – codes and passwords for doors and safes

July 20, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Looking for codes and passwords for doors and safes in Stray? We have them for Apartment, Slums, Slums part 2, City Center levels – they are easy to find

Codes and passwords for doors and safes

Below you will find a list of codes for doors and safes in Stray.


To the right of the closed door you will find a small storage room. You have to climb onto the ledge and turn on the flashlight to illuminate the sign, on this sign you will find the code, it is: 3748.


Safe Location:
On the left side of the robot Guardian, who is wearing a straw hat, you will find stairs, go down them and pass the robot that plays the guitar and sits on the floor – in the left corner you will find a safe.

The code to the safe is in the “Duffer Bar” in the city center, there is a painting on the wall with a neon sign, interact with the object and the painting will fall down revealing the code: 1283

Slums part 2

To the left of the door keypad you will see the clocks hanging on the wall, each clock shows the time – the hour hand of each clock shows the corresponding code number to be read from the left, code 2511.

City Center

Safe Location:
In the city center, where there will be a lot of neon lights, find the shop on the right side (yellow building) – it is easy to find because in front of it there is a robot in a straw hat and a white jacket. Jump through the open window, onto the shelves at the end of the room and you will find a safe there.

The code to the safe is in the same room as the safe, find the poster on the back of the shelf and interact with it, you will receive the translation “2458: eDoc” – the code must be read from the back, i.e. 8542