My Summer Car – Gun Colt m1911

My Summer Car – Gun Colt m1911

January 4, 2023 3 By Games-Manuals

The Colt m1911 modification is a weapon for My Summer Car that can be used for fun, role-playing, or destroying, for example, Teimo’s windows.

Colt m1911

In 2017, the weapon mod (Colt m1911) was first published and it was one of the most downloaded mods for My Summer Car, which could be used in many ways.

Now the mod has been updated and works again with the latest version of the game and with the latest Mod Loader. Installing the Colt m1911 mod is no different from installing the other mods, just copy the content to the Mods folder and run the game.


Pistol ammo can be purchased at the Teimo store, and the Colt m1911 is in a small room in the parents’ bedroom.