Mon Bazou – Version 0.296

Mon Bazou – Version 0.296

August 3, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

On 03/08/2022 Mon Bazou received update 0.296 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Changelog and description of changes later in the article.

Version 0.296

In the August 3, 2022 update, which was version 0.296, there are rabbits in Mon Bazou that can run across the gravel road from time to time – cool, right?

In addition to the rabbits, the water texture has also been changed, which now looks much better than before. You can buy metal screws at the gas station, as well as more rust remover.

Snowfall may occur in the game, so be careful!



  • Metal bolts now available at Kali-Gas (+ more rust repair kit)
  • Rabbits randomly crossing the gravel road
  • Now a chance to get snow precipitation
  • High-beam button added to the Oltruck
  • Better water material/shader (Especially when raining)
  • Cannabis & Potatoes seed now have 100% chance of respawn if taken (once a week)
  • You can now gift [Maple Syrup Can] to NPCs


  • Black screen while sleeping/saving at the computer is fixed
  • Items trapped under the home garage (If you had they will be at the dumpster beside the sugarshack)
  • Generator running out of fuel could cause weird problems
  • Going too far from dealers you could sell them weed again
  • [Escape] key doesn’t work to cancel keybinding for controller.
  • Bunker lights won’t turn off if grid power was cut
  • Harvest Basket could show 0% while still having a tiny bit of content in them
  • Cottage door clipped in the fertilized machine
  • Home garage could spawn black
  • Clipping in the bunker’s stairs

Source: Steam