Mon Bazou – Nitro, neon lights, turbo, racing engine, better suspension

Mon Bazou – Nitro, neon lights, turbo, racing engine, better suspension

February 4, 2022 3 By Games-Manuals

On 02/03/2022, the game Mon Bazou was updated to version 0.253 – the update added a lot of new tuning parts to Konig (fictional BMW name in the game.

New items added in the update

  • turbo
  • neon lights
  • nitro
  • racing engine
  • carbon body parts
  • driver’s and passengers seat
  • stiff and soft suspension
  • shock absorbers
  • chalices struts
  • steering wheels
  • mufflers
  • exhaust pipe
  • racing differential

Some of these items are available from the seller in a black van (available on Fridays and Sundays), others are available at the gas station.


At the bottom of the article you will find a video tutorial on how to install new parts

Air compressor

The air compressor is also new, and you can get it for 50 friendship points with your brother (Francis). The air compressor allows you to inflate tires with air using the tire inflator and unscrew/tighten the screws with the impact gun

Changelog 0.253 - Konig Update V1

– A lot of new parts (Engine swap, Turbo, Seats, steering wheels, rims, strutbars, Swaybars, A-Arm, Nitrous, etc)
– Multiples shocks like coilover with multiples settings, Toe/Camber adjustment
– You can remove the Doors/Hood/Trunk/Seats
– The weight of every item installed on the car is now calculated and adjusted for each part removed/installed
– ABS Module added
– “Bathroom scale” in the garage to weight parts
– If you were at 50 friendship with Francis, you are now at 49..

– Camera keybind in cars
– Remember steering angle when getting out of a vehicle
– Player needs get up slower while saving/gaming
– [Konig] Button to change the Interior light (Door open, Always off, Always On)

– Potato PC Mode added (Disable shadows & Auto-lights & City lights)

– Bug with multiple save stats & reward
– Bug with the drag time overide every other times (First start you will have no time in Oval & Track)
– Rust was still on the Exhaust of the OlTruck
– No collider on the can sealer table at the Federation
– Change the gear-ratio on the Konig (Manual transmission was to short)
– Lights in Sugarshack/Garage was not ON after reload of the save
– Spoiler & bumper could loose the glosiness and metalness after save/reload twice
– Items acts a little weird over the water
– Less bend in the sign when crashing into them (Less change to get the vehicle stuck)
– Hoist puller could interact with the tires while equipped in hand
– Got electric letter after calling it on another save
– If you un-equip the spanner while looking at a bolt it stay greenish
– You can still hear the bolt main menu when muter
– Could lose stuff in the cottage floor

Video tutorial about new parts