Junkyard Truck – Version 10/03 – Update, changelog, download

Junkyard Truck – Version 10/03 – Update, changelog, download

March 10, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals

On 10 March 2023 Junkyard Truck received update 10/03 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Where can I download updates/latest version of the game?


-Controls overhauled to be customizable.
-Logitech wheel/pedal support, including force feedback on suspension/collisions and rough terrains.
-An ATM in the gas station for depositing extra money rolls. This will become necessary later when you encounter items which cost more than the maximum amount you can carry in your inventory.
-Misc optimization work.
-Lots of terrain changes which won’t make sense until later.
-Reduced moonlight intensity.
-Added proper brake controls to 250F.
-Added proper brake controls to Eagle(car).
-Addressed a clicking noise in 250F’s engine loop.
-Reduced engine noise of 250F.

Additional notes:
-If your dirt bike stops running make sure you fill it up with gas

Source: Steam – from this platform, you can download the latest version of the game by updating the game in your library or by purchasing the game in the Steam store.