Junkyard Truck – Making own alcohol – Corn Whisky

Junkyard Truck – Making own alcohol – Corn Whisky

July 16, 2022 8 By Games-Manuals

How to make your own Corn Whiskey at Junkyard Truck? Making your own alcohol seems difficult, but there is a recipe and instructions in the game.

Making own alcohol – Corn Whisky

In Junkyard Truck, making alcohol is simple, and additionally, the game developer has included a recipe along with instructions on how to make your own alcohol well, which is called Corn Whiskey, because one of the ingredients is corn meal.

The place to make your own alcohol is next to a small river that you can see on the map – the central, right side of the map, right next to the radio tower icon. You need better off-road tires to get there because the terrain is muddy.

To make your own alcohol, you need 6 packs of sugar, 2 packs of corn meals, one packet of yeast and water – all you put in a bucket (the bucket is next to the cooking barrel or in a container (open box on the map)).

After putting all the ingredients in the bucket, wait 1-2 days for the contents to ferment, then go to a place where you can cook – pour the contents of the bucket into the barrel (the barrel holds 4 full buckets), then open the gas valve to ignite a fire. Keep an eye on the battery that cools the entire production process, and finally place the jars to fill them with alcohol (you can buy jars next to Jimmy’s workshop).