Junkyard Truck – Tobacco farm – location + full guide

Junkyard Truck – Tobacco farm – location + full guide

August 1, 2022 2 By Games-Manuals

Where is the tobacco farm in Junkyard Truck located? What’s the location on the map? How to grow Tobacco plants? You will find it in the full guide.


In Junkyard Truck, you can grow tobacco leaves that can then be sold and earn money for new tires, new off-road truck parts, or other uses.


Tobacco leaves, just like the production of your own alcohol, is limited to one place, you cannot do it close to home, and the tobacco farm is a profitable business and you will not be bored at the same time.

The location of the tobacco farm

You can find the tobacco farm locations on the interactive map for the Junkyard Truck game, which is constantly updated. The tobacco farm is located to the East of the map, there is no marker on the map and no road on it is marked.

To get to the tobacco farm you need at least better tires that can handle mud because the terrain is partially covered with mud which slows down the vehicle. You can get to the tobacco farm from the town side and take the marked dirt road (go uphill if you have better engine parts or go left and then along the river if you only have better tires).

Water trailer

Before you go to the farm to grow tobacco – you need to bring a trailer with water to water the plants that need water to grow. You will find a water trailer by two water reservoirs (see the location on the interactive map for the Junkyard Truck game).

The water trailer needs to be filled with water, for this, open the top cover on the trailer, drive under the large pipe and then turn the valve to fill the trailer with water – if the pouring sound changes, it means that the water in the trailer is refilled.

Tobacco crates

You need a tobacco box to collect ready-made tobacco plants and sell them later. You will find boxes for ready-made tobacco products in the city, next to Jimmy’s workshop – you will also find jars for making your own alcohol there.


One crate costs $ 4, you can buy 6 crates in total, which will fit on the back of an off-road pickup truck. The boxes on the pickup should not fall out during transport, but watch out if something happens on the way.

Plant care

Tobacco plants only need water – you need to water them once in a while until they are fully grown. Plants will need to be watered 2-3 times throughout the cycle (from 0% to 100%).


You can drive on plants (at least in version 0.7311), you won’t destroy them by running over them with the wheels of a vehicle or trailer with water. For the most efficient watering of plants, drive between the beds and use the hose which is located at the back of the water trailer.


The time to grow from 0% to 100% is about 4 days in the game – sleeping did not speed up the time of growing plants (at least for me)