GTA Online – New DLC coming July 26?

GTA Online – New DLC coming July 26?

July 19, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Will we get a new DLC for GTA Online on July 26, which will be related to the mission of turning us into an IAA agent? Summer DLC Coming Soon?

New DLC coming July 26?

Rockstar on its website, in the Newswire tab, announced an upcoming content update for GTA Online that will include criminal careers and a special assignment as an IAA agent to investigate a certain case – will this upcoming update be on Tuesday, July 26? There are many indications of this. We need to start collecting cash in GTA Online to buy new items/buildings/cars that will be added – do you think 10 million is enough this time?

Why do I think the update will be on July 26? It’s simple, every update that adds new DLCs to GTA Online was on Tuesday – I think Rockstar Games likes it, so every update is available on Tuesdays.


Rockstar Games on its Twitter and on events in Social Club announced that the events will take place from July 7 to 25 – that is, until Monday. This is strange because the events were always active from Thursday to Wednesday – this time is different, a longer event and ending on a different day could herald a new DLC.


Longer events may also indicate that Rockstar Games employees have focused on completing and testing the new DLC, which may appear on Tuesday, July 26, therefore they are not working on a new event or new discounts.

And the last information from Rockstar Games, ie “in a few short weeks” – short weeks means that it may be just 2-3 weeks from the time of the release of such information, that is from July 7th. Holidays are the perfect time to share new content for the game, because when do you have the most time to play games if not during the holiday season, free from school?