GTA Online – Fuse Cell Mount Chiliad – Criminal Enterprises

GTA Online – Fuse Cell Mount Chiliad – Criminal Enterprises

July 26, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Where in GTA Online are the four fuses on a mission for U.L Paper’s agent in a silo at Mount Chiliad that has no power? If you are looking for fuses in a FIB garage break-in mission – see this article.

Fuse Cell Mount Chiliad

In a mission for Agent U.L. Paper where we have to go into the silo on Mount Chiliad and turn on the power, the worst part is finding the four fuses that are hidden in complete darkness.


Finding three fuses shouldn’t be a problem, but I personally found the last (fourth) fuse after half an hour – so what’s the location of the four fuses in the Moun Chiliad silo?

The first fuse – it’s on the chest, right behind the room with the power switch
The second fuse – in the large room, on the chest (opposite the stairs entrance)
The third fuse – in the room with the x-ray gates – is next to the X-ray machine belt
The fourth fuse – a large room, on the table behind the forklift and the crates (you must destroy the crates by e.g. shooting at them)